eLearning, webinars, on-line courses, distance learning, computer-based training (CBT), virtual learning, etc. — all are generally encompassed under the category of EdTech, or Education Technology.

Ron has been teaching tech since the 1980s when dBASE III, Lotus 1-2-3, and WordPerfect were all the rage. If you haven’t heard of those, they were the precursors to Microsoft’s Access, Excel, and Word. Nowadays Ron uses tools such as Saba LMS, Ancile uPerform, Camtasia, and Articulate 360, Studio, and Storyline to produce eLearning content from start-to-finish. That includes course objectives, target audience, curriculum development, asset gathering, scenarios, scripting, storyboarding, screen capture, knowledge assessments, practical exercises, and of course, voice-over.

eLearning Demo Module

eLearning Demo Module

Maybe you have a team to handle the heavy lifting but you’re looking for a confident, authoritative, and unobtrusive voice for your modules. If so, it makes sense to hire a VO-guy who has produced eLearning modules and can help get your project completed with the highest levels of accuracy, consistency, and speed.

Linked here is an interactive proof-of-concept module Ron produced for a client. The original content was assembled and animated in PowerPoint, then brought together in Articulate with menus, quizzes, and many other extras that help make an eLearning module engaging.


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